Once Again Liberals & The Media Are Caught Flat Footed. A Huge Shift Is Happening & They Have No Idea How To Stop It

There’s a new trend happening and as usual liberals and the media have no idea how to deal with it.

Almost 74 million people voted for President Donald Trump, that’s a lot of people. Thanks to the activist’s content on liberal media companies like CNN the industry is changing.

Political podcasts are skyrocketing, Americans enjoy long formed content where policy is discussed outside of the five-minute segment box typically found on Fox News.

Despite censorship Ben Shapiro episodes on YouTube have almost 500,000 views, Dan Bongino is seeing six-figure views on YouTube and Rumble. Bongino usually has a top post on Facebook as well. Lastly, conservative David Crowder has five million YouTube subscribers.

We can’t leave out Parler either.

People (not just conservatives) are flocking to Parler. Recently even people posting bible verses are being censored by Facebook and they are also going to Parler where they will be left alone.

The media is freaking out about Parler because it’s a platform they can’t control or influence.

Independent Journalist, Sharyl Attkisson called out liberals that are trying to take the platform down.

Parler is taking the internet by storm and now the media is going on a disinformation campaign to try to force Google and Apple to pull the app from the platform.

Recently, liberal hacks launched a fake news attack claiming the platform was hacked.

Users do not have to enter their social security number or driver’s license information to open an account.

We have decided to use Rumble as much as possible and as soon as Parler has an embed feature we will be posting Parler content instead of Twitter embeds.

The news industry itself is changing and once again liberals are flat-footed.