One of Biden’s Advisors Knows Exactly What the MAGA Agenda Is…Just Wait and Watch!

An advisor to President Joe Biden has revealed that she knows exactly what the MAGA Republican agenda is. 

Wait for it…to “essentially destroy the United States of America.”

Keisha Lance Bottoms made these comments while she was a guest on “The Sunday Show” with Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC.

“There is a MAGA Republican agenda that gives no consideration to the rule of law, that has no respect for a woman’s right to choose, that wants to defund the FBI,” said the senior adviser for public engagement. “There is a MAGA Republican agenda that thought that it was OK to attack our nation’s capitol on January 6th.”

Bottoms was addressing a set of goals set forth by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy of California called the “Commitment to America” ahead of the pivotal midterm elections.

Bottoms was following the pathway of President Biden, who has used the phrase “MAGA Republicans” to accuse his political opponents of extremism. Others like Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, went so far as to say that “MAGA Republicans fit the definition of fascists.  

Bottoms was asked by Capehart if the White House would keep lashing out at Republicans by using the “MAGA” description. 

“I think it will always be important to call out any effort there is to destroy, essentially destroy the United States of America,” Bottoms continued. “President Biden has been very clear he wants to work in a bipartisan effort. He has worked in a bipartisan effort. He’s been able to get things done on behalf of our country, but when you have a MAGA Republican agenda that has no respect for the Constitution, that has no respect for free and fair elections then it is important for all of us, not just the president, not just me, for all of us to call it out for what it is.”