Hearing Transcript Dooms Roger Stone Judge And Exposes Cover Up

Judge Amy Berman Jackson who is presiding for the Roger Stone case was flat out exposed in a transcript after Stone’s attorney was prohibited from asking a juror a specific question.

When this case gets appealed, Judge Berman is going to have a lot to answer for.

Earlier this week the judge brought the jury back to address jury misconduct and if the case should be retried. Jackson limited public access to the hearing to “protect” the jurors.

During the hearing, the judge was biased from the get-go and told Stone’s lawyer that she would limit the questions they could ask the jurors. Before the questioning Seth Ginsberg, Stones attorney said, “I think it’s problematic that she failed to disclose all of those posts in response to the prior question, because I think that deprived the Court and the parties of important information that would have supported a valid cause challenge.”

The judge countered, “Having an opinion about the president on some or all of his policies does not mean she cannot fairly judge evidence against Roger Stone,” Jackson said, referring to the juror whose social media activity has come under review.

During the hearing, Ginsberg was able to question the juror at the center of this, Tomeka Hart and as she was being questioned about some of her racists post about Trump supporters, the Judge shut it down.

Below was the mentioned post:

Stone’s lawyer wasn’t allowed to follow up. It was perfectly legitimate question and Ginsberg was very polite but, the Judge just shut it down.

The Judge has gone rogue and she needs to be removed from the case at the very least. Tomeka Hart at the very least lied on her jury questionnaire and tainted the entire process.

Here are some more examples of the judge’s attempt to cover up corruption, OANN reporter and conservative Jack Posobiec gave some live commentary. During the hearing the media was removed, the doors were closed, and the cameras were turned off however, the media still had access to the audio.