Army’s ‘Equity And Inclusion Agency’ Declares American Exceptionalism Is Racist (VIDEO)

What’s made our military great is that your identity doesn’t matter, you are a volunteer that is serving your country. It doesn’t matter, who you are, where you came from, you have one job and that’s to protect America. 

That’s all changing now. 

Leadership inside the United States Army has started an “inclusion agency” that has now claimed “American exceptionalism” is racist. The defenders of our country are being told it’s racist to think America is great. 

According to the Army’s new “Equity and Inclusion Agency” celebrating Columbus Day is racist and any claims that the United States is a great country is considered bigoted and insensitive. 

Here’s the mission of the Equity and Inclusion Agency:

Mission is to maintain Army as a model of diversity by providing a culture that values diversity and inclusion and an environment free from unlawful discrimination and prohibited behaviors, to maximize the readiness potential of every soldier, civilian and family member, through policy development, practice, workforce analysis and outreach.

It’s not just happening in the Army, the Air Force is being invaded as well. Fox News host, Tucker Carlson recently reported that a high-ranking officer in the Air Force said that his “greatest fear” is one of his service members being killed by a racist cop.

The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency is openly advocating for his team to read “White Fragility” which is seeped in Critical Race Theory.


Critical Race Theory is being snuck in everywhere.