Out of Control! Police Looking For Protestor That Brandished Firearm And Shot Driver

Police are investigating and looking for a protestor that brandished a firearm after a crowd swarmed an SUV. A male protestor ran to the SUV on the passenger side and pointed his gun at the driver and fired one round. The driver was hit and hit the gas to get to safety and the male fired another round.

According to police, after they reviewed multiple videos provided by many the protestor again approached another vehicle and tried breaking the window to get entry to the car.

Here is a video of the shooting…

Meanwhile, in Seattle, it seems they have had about enough of CHOP/CHAZ/Antifastan. The mayor is trying to remove radical City Council member Kshama Swanat who is claiming the deadly shooting inside the zone have nothing to with the protest zone. I swear if I didn’t know this was happening in a major US city I would think this is happening in a third world country.

The Mayor at least slowly seems to be ready to end the charade as members inside the zone brag about the recent shooting.