Reports From Blue States Is Destroying Biden’s Narrative

It was only a matter of time, it appeared that nobody bothered to read the data. The most vaccinated countries in the world that rushed vaccinations started to see a large increase of breakthrough cases over the summer.

Reuters reported in August that Israeli doctors were seeing an increase of breakthrough cases.

From Reuters:

Around half of the country’s 600 patients presently hospitalized with severe illness have received two doses of the Pfizer Inc shot, a rare occurrence out of 5.4 million fully vaccinated people.

A few weeks ago the BBC reported that two thirds of all COVID cases in Whales were breakthrough infections.

From the BBC:

A third of people with confirmed Covid cases in Wales in the past week were unvaccinated, according to new figures released by Public Health Wales.

The figures also showed 99% of people who tested positive for Covid in the past week in Wales were under 60. Of these, 37% were unvaccinated.

Nearly 13% of hospital patients with confirmed Covid were unvaccinated.PHW said the vaccines had helped keep Covid hospital numbers much lower during the third wave.Although 80% of patients have been double-dosed with a vaccine, public health officials said this is not evidence that the vaccine is not working – and that vaccines keep 95% of people out of hospital.

It’s now starting to happen here in the USA, a recent report in Pennsylvania is showing that one out of every four positive coronavirus cases in the month of September were breakthrough infections.

A report from WNEP ABC highlighted the Pennsylvania Department of Health report:

More than one out of every four new cases over the last month in the commonwealth were in vaccinated individuals.

It’s the same for hospitalizations, as hospital beds filled with more than 1,200 fully vaccinated residents.

Vermont, who claims to be the most vaccinated state in the country has reported 76% of Vermont’s COVID-19 fatalities were breakthrough cases.

Breakthrough cases in late August were minimal, the’ve grown since September and as October’s numbers come in Biden’s narrative that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is not the case.