Panera Bread Report In Cali Is Increasing Calls For Investigation

The Sunshine State is once again getting caught up in some pretty shady business dealings. Governor Gavin Newsom is facing backlash after an explosive report revealed a scandal.

The governor allegedly gave a “special carveout” in a piece of legislation that directly benefited one of his largest donors, billionaire Greg Flynn.

According to Bloomberg News, Flynn had a new reason to celebrate after his chain of Panera Bread locations were exempt from a new law that forces fast-food restaurants to increase their minimum wage. Not only is Greg Flynn Newsom’s largest donor, but their connections go way back – they even attended the same high school.

But it’s not just the governor’s close ties to Flynn that are raising eyebrows, it’s also the fact that Flynn allegedly bragged about his easy access to the governor and even purchased a resort managed by a company owned by Newsom.

Republican leaders are calling for a criminal investigation into this questionable deal, and rightfully so. Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher questioned if any franchisee could receive an exemption from the minimum wage law, or if they have to donate a large sum of money to Newsom first.

Meanwhile, Dan Schnur, a government ethics expert, points out that it’s the governor’s obligation to explain why Panera was given this special exemption. Without a clear explanation, this looks like a huge favor to a big donor.

But this isn’t the only scandal brewing. Newsom is being compared to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis who is facing her own controversy due to illicit behavior and possible kickback schemes.

Recently a trove of text messages has been revealed between Nathan Wade’s divorce attorney Terrence Bradley and Ashleigh Merchant — who is representing one of former President Donald Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia election fraud case. These messages show that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade’s affair allegedly started before they claimed.

Merchant even texted asking if Willis and Wade’s affair started before she hired him, and Bradely’s response was a resounding “absolutely.” Despite this damning evidence, Bradley conveniently couldn’t remember any details about when their relationship began during a hearing on Tuesday.

It’s clear that these political figures have been caught red-handed, and it’s now up to the people and the courts to hold them accountable.

Dailywire |New York Post