Parents And Schools Boards Debate Over What’s Taught In Schools

There is a war being waged and it’s happening all over America, parents are fighting back and the left is doing everything they can to stop it.

Parents are not happy about Critical Race Theory being taught in the their schools and are fighting back.

When the pushback initially occurred proponents for Critical Race Theory claimed it was only people that were worried about losing their status however, they have no explanation for the video below.

Below are three examples of parents like Keisha King who are speaking out across the country.

The left is doing everything they can to fight back because parents are winning, a recent election in Rapid City, South Dakota saw four candidates who opposed CRT being taught win in double digit landslides.

Recently the far left publication, The Intercept wrote an article smearing parents in hopes of quelling detractors.

NBC News also wrote an entire piece to discredit opponents of CRT.

But, it’s not working parents are voting and they are flipping school boards, this has the left in a panic and they are doing everything they can to stop parents from fighting back.

The war being waged is bigger than COVID restrictions or if CRT should be taught, it is parents taking back their school boards that have been taken over by the far left.