Fed Up Arizona Parents Overthrow School Board For Walking Out On Them

Hundreds of parents were sick and tired of the Vail School Board and showed up to a meeting to demand change.

Parents were requesting that the board would make wearing mask optional but the board refused and walked out of the meeting. But, the parents remained and used Robert’s Rules of Order to vote in a brand new school board.

The old school board members including a suppose member of the GOP where shocked.

In the video below you’ll notice that the meeting was orderly it begins as the school board tries to throw out the parents to when the parents vote for a new board.

You’ll hear GOP LD 10 Chairman, Chris King try to force the parents to leave (sheriff was present). When the parents refused to leave the school board walked out thinking their rule was absolute.

A sheriffs deputy tried to get the parents to disperse and also tried to get the parents to disperse however, they stayed firm. Sheriffs argued that parents had to leave because the meeting was adorned however by the school board leaving a publicly announced meeting the broke Arizona law.

The school board tried to use the Sheriffs department to kick out the parents however, they remained peaceful and stood their ground. Parents began to speak one by one and used Roberts Rule of Order, nominated, and voted for new school board members.

There were no arrests or any reports of violence.

In response to the parents voting for a new school board Vail Unified School district Superintendent John Carruth claimed it was a publicity stunt and wants parents  to focus on things they can agree on.

Below is an interview from the conservative activists Steve Daniels that recorded the meeting. Daniels relented that the election new school board members was symbolic but it got the parents message across.

“In the Vail School District, we seek to provide parents with safe and nurturing school communities,” he said. “We have long valued and respected parental choice. We have long valued and engaged listening to our parents. This past year has been incredibly intense and emotional. Providing education during this pandemic has produced an endless series of new challenges that must be overcome. It has brought about many equal, yet opposite, truths. We have always welcomed the voice of parents in shaping critical decisions within out district. We should be able to conduct safe meetings where parents, students, staff and school board members feel they can have thoughtful conversations to discuss various issues before the board.”

“Unfortunately, a group of people who live outside our county attempted to take over our board meeting last night,” said Carruth, “leaving our actual parents without the opportunity to address the board. They have valid, honest concerns that they were bringing forward.”

“It’s a publicity stunt,” said Carruth. “A new board needs to be voted through a due elective process by the voters of this community.”

Which isn’t true parents at the meeting made sure those elected were from inside the district.

Carruth and two members of the school board did meet with five of the families that attend the meeting (if i was a betting man it was the five people elected to be the new school board members). What’s going to be interesting is that Vail plans to reschedule another meeting next week and it must be public.

After the overthrow in Vail other school boards area canceling their meetings.