NPS Reverses Decision For Historic Park

The National Park Service has announced that they will not be removing a statue of Pennsylvania founder, William Penn, from a historical park after facing a wave of backlash from the American people. It seems like their half-hearted attempt at being “woke” and inclusive has backfired on them yet again.

The NPS initially claimed that they wanted to remove the statue and a replica of Penn’s home from Welcome Park in order to provide a more “welcoming, accurate, and inclusive experience” for visitors. Because nothing says “inclusive” like erasing significant figures from history, right?

But fear not, outraged Americans stepped up to the plate and made their voices heard, leading to the NPS doing a complete 180 and scrapping their plans to remove the statue. It’s almost like people don’t want their history to be erased and rewritten by a government organization with an agenda.

State Representative Martina White, who represents Pennsylvania, took to X to rally support and call for the NPS to rethink their decision. And boy, did people respond. Comments flooded in, with individuals pointing out the ridiculousness of replacing a statue of a man who supported religious freedom and treated Native Americans with respect.

But the biggest burn came from entrepreneur Michael Seifert, who wrote, “It doesn’t matter that he supported religious freedom, opposed slavery, and treated Native Americans with respect. It was always about replacing the history of the United States.” Ouch. Sounds like someone hit the nail on the head. Charlie Kirk shared the same sentiments on X.

Even Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro couldn’t stay silent, voicing his opposition to the NPS’s ridiculous plan and celebrating the reversal as a win for Pennsylvania. And of course, Elon Musk had to chime in with his signature “Yay!” because even he knows this decision was absurd.

And what’s even more absurd is the fact that the Biden administration was reportedly involved in this decision. According to Senator Tom Cotton, the NPS only stopped because they “got caught.” It’s a sad state of affairs when our government deems it necessary to tear down statues of significant figures in American history.

But thanks to the American people who refuse to let history be rewritten and monuments be torn down, the statue of William Penn will remain in its rightful place at Welcome Park. No thanks to the NPS, who seems to be more interested in pushing their agenda than preserving our history.

William Penn was a man of integrity, a champion of democracy and religious freedom, and a fair and just leader. He deserves to be remembered and honored, not erased. Let’s hope the NPS learned their lesson and will think twice before trying to destroy our history again.