Podcasters Claim Debunked After Video

Hello everyone! The debate about the physical and cognitive health of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is heating up.

The left-wing podcast circuit, in a bid to deflect from Biden’s well-documented struggles, has started to claim that Trump is facing similar issues. Let’s break it down.

As reported by RedState, the White House and the press have been insisting that the viral videos showing Biden freezing up and needing assistance are “cheap fakes.” However, these videos are genuine and unaltered, clearly depicting Biden’s difficulties. This puts Democrats in a tricky spot. They can’t just dismiss what people are seeing, so they’re going on the offensive, trying to turn the spotlight onto Trump.

Brian Tyler Cohen, an MSNBC contributor and host of the ironically named podcast “No Lie,” has been at the forefront of this effort. Cohen and others have suggested that Trump was recently led off stage by his son because he’s old and frail. But is there any truth to this claim? Absolutely not.

Anyone who has watched Trump at rallies over the past few months can see that he’s physically capable. Despite what his detractors say, Trump walks normally. In stark contrast, Biden often appears stiff, and his gait is choppy as if he’s struggling to move. Biden even has to wear special shoes to help him get around.

So, what actually happened in the video that Cohen referenced? It turns out that Trump momentarily touched his son’s hand to greet him before casually walking off the stage unassisted. There’s nothing in that video indicating frailty.

This desperate attempt to draw parallels between Trump and Biden highlights the anxiety among Democrats about Biden’s senility. Biden’s physical and cognitive decline is becoming more apparent, and it’s a significant political liability. Pointing fingers at Trump won’t work because, again, we have eyes and ears. We can see Biden’s frail movements and hear his slurred speech. His handlers have even had to start using the shorter stairs on Air Force One to prevent more falls.

So, here’s the reality for Democrats: Biden is your nominee, and he isn’t going to magically regain his youth. With the debates and the election approaching, it’s going to be a challenging road ahead. Good luck!