Pelosi Isn’t Just Turning The Capitol Into A Fortress, She’s Building An Intelligence Network

Never let a crisis go to waste and Democrats love it when they can use that crisis to create new agencies they get to control. 

The Capitol Police report to an oversight committee that is controlled by Democrats and Pelosi is using a report she commissioned to create an intelligence division, a quick reaction force, and “mobile” fencing to assist Capitol Police. 

The report was done by retired Army Lt. General Russel Honore and he will be briefing Congress this week. 

“The USCP is not postured to track, assess, plan against, or respond to this plethora of threats due to significant capacity shortfalls, inadequate training, immature processes, and an operating culture that is not intelligence-driven,” the report says,

The report sanctioned by Pelosi is calling for an additional 874 positions “to fill assessed capability gaps, which includes intelligence specialists, operational planners, supervisors, Civil Disturbance Unit (CDU) personnel and trainers, and dignitary protection agents, to name just a few.”

No where in the sections of the report released to the media does it mention that Pelosi turned down an offer from then-President Trump for the National Guard to protect the Capitol in case any unrest occurred on January 6th. So far the report didn’t mention that the FBI failed to communicate any of the intelligence they collected showing bad actors planned unrest on January 6. 

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy is wary of the report because Honore is known as a partisan hack. 

“While there may be some worthy recommendations forthcoming, General Honoré’s notorious partisan bias calls into question the rationality of appointing him to lead this important security review. It also raises the unacceptable possibility that the Speaker desired a certain result: turning the Capitol into a fortress,” McCarthy said.

Honore was commander of the task force in charge of the US military response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. 

Honore called the breach of the Capitol a “sh** show.” 

Before he was commissioned by Pelosi to write the report Honore publicly said to “prevent the miscommunication that resulted in the lack of adequate security at the Capitol,” an overarching office be created for the capital region.

The Congress is now planning on building their own intelligence network and ramping up a force that will report to them.

NBC News