Pelosi Licking Her Wounds: Dems Crushed In Claimed ‘Contested’ Special Election

Pelosi just lost another seat and she’s licking her wounds.

Democrat lost big in a district they claimed was contested and would be a sign of things to come in 2022.

If Texas 06 is any indication to what is to come the Democrats should be horrified. The district includes part of the Dallas Fort Worth area and it was bad news for the Dems.

Remember, Democrats were telling us that Texas was going to go blue, turns out the liberals that moved into Texas over the past year may have learned their lesson. With Democrat’s being in control for a little over 100 days things are going really bad for them.

Another big story coming out of Texas 6 is that a very liberal councilmen and school board was voted out of office after they tried to push critical race theory in the community.

Republicans organizing and getting out the vote gave them a huge advantage in this election.