Pence Declares Optimism About Republican Future and References Trump – Watch

Former vice president Mike Pence appeared with Fox News’ Shannon Bream for an exclusive interview on “Fox News Sunday” this weekend. One issue the potential 2024 presidential candidate addressed was the possibility of the Department of Justice calling on him to testify about the January 6, 2021 riot on the Capitol. 

In the past, Pence has expressed a reluctance to speak with officials on January 6, and many think that this is a point that Pence will not bend on. This position has received a great deal of criticism from the liberal media. 

This past weekend, there was no change in the stance Pence is taking. He mentioned that he is still in dialogue with his legal counsel, but he expanded on his position to not testify when he was pressed by a reporter. 

Pence said, “We’ve come to no resolution on that, and I’ll be speaking to my counsel about that. There has been some contact, but we will make that decision on the basis of the unique responsibility that I have, under the Constitution of the United States, as a former vice president.”

The former VP also noted that he did not agree to speak to the congressional committee because it “would set a terrible precedent.” 

Pence was also asked about the lack of a red wave in the November midterm elections. He brought up his participation in the Georgia election for Gov. Brian Kemp and talked about how Kemp won. 

Pence said, “Those candidates who focused on solutions and on the future actually did very well. But candidates who were focused on the past–particularly those that were focused on relitigating the last election–did not do as well. And it convinces me…as I said when I was campaigning for Governor Brian Kemp, which in many ways divided along those lines, I said the Republican Party must be the party of the future.”

And he ended his optimistic message with, “If we focus on the future, we’ll do quite well. Not just winning elections–we’ll win a boundless future for the American people.”

Pence also told host Shannon Bream that he discussed with Trump five days after Jan. 6, during which the former president “lamented what had happened.”

Pence said that he told the president he would keep praying for him.

Bream asked Pence if it could possibly be “Pence/Trump” in the 2024 general election. He said “anything can happen” in elections, and then he shook his head and gave a soft chuckle.