Biden’s Foolish Comments Causes Employees To Panic At Factory

Joe Biden caused a panic that has a Pennsylvania company furious.

Biden was trying to pander to locals claiming that locomotive company Wabtec was closing its doors. The company is close to the community and the interview caused concern and panic among employees who saw the interview.

“I heard today there’s a locomotive plant thinking of shutting down here. I’m going to invest literally in high speed rail. I have a record on that. I’m the (inaudible). We’re going to create tens of thousands of good paying jobs,” Biden said.

Wabtec immediately sent out an email to its employees letting them know that what Biden said was not true. Wabtec wrote that they want to “set the record straight and let you know this statement is untrue.”

“We want to set the record straight and let you know this statement is untrue. This site and plant are an integral part of the business and our community. As Wabtec’s design and development hub, the Erie site is leading cutting-edge innovations,” Wabtec told employees.

The news station Erie News Now claimed that Biden corrected himself after the interview. The news network claimed that Biden meant to say he heard about potential layoffs. However, the full version of the interview was posted online, including the portion when he claimed the plant was going to be shut down, there was no correction from Biden.

Earlier this year, Wabtec did layoff 300 employees at its Erie plant which reduced the facilities total workforce to 1,200 workers.

We’ve also seen what Joe Biden has done for rail, he’s one of the politicians that has helped run Amtrak into the ground.

In 2009, Biden got $1.3 billion in federal funding for Amtrak in Obama’s economic stimulus package that ended up being a government pork spending bill gone wild.

In 2009 CNN reported:

The $787 billion stimulus plan includes a total of $8 billion for improvements in rail service, a crucial investment to help ease traffic in the congested northeast corridor running from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, Biden argued.

It is “a necessity for a great nation to have a great [rail] passenger system,” Biden said. “I’m tired of apologizing for help for Amtrak. … It’s an absolute national treasure and necessity.”

The $1.3 billion will roughly double the size of Amtrak’s capital investment program over the next two years, according to the vice president’s office.

That money did nothing to help Amtrak and it is still a failure. Maybe we should give Elon Musk our rail system, he’s already gotten us to space without NASA.

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