Pennsylvania Court Is Using The Coronavirus To Obstruct 2nd Amendment Rights

****This Story has been updated****

If you are a Democrat and had hopes that you might be able to take back Pennsylvania you might as well stick a fork in that idea. The very liberal Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied an emergency request that would have blocked the gubernatorial order mandating gun retailers close their doors as a result of the Wuhan virus.

One of the worst Governors in Pennsylvania history, Tom Wolf mandated that businesses not deemed “life-sustaining” be closed. Keep in mind that this is the same governor that in the same declaration forgot to include home care nurses as a “life-sustaining”  service and special consideration had to be given for them.

Late Tuesday night Governor Wolf declared that gun stores may stay open, state insiders are saying this was a political move.

Gun rights advocates in the state asked the Supreme Court to block the order however, the liberal seven-member court denied the request. Don’t worry though, if you want a “Happy Meal” as McDonald’s you can go through the drive-through and get one.

The Pennsylvania State Police are already issuing warnings to businesses that are staying open. On the first day, the PA State Police issued 27 warnings across the state.

“As expected, we found the overwhelming majority of people and businesses across the commonwealth are voluntarily complying with the order and doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Col. Robert Evanchick, commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police. “This process is two-phased, beginning with warnings to gain voluntary compliance, followed by enforcement as necessary.”

In a dissent, Justice David Wecht and two other justices wrote that other businesses have been allowed to be exempt from the order and that Gov. Wolf’s decision to not allow gun shops to remain open violates the people’s 2nd Amendment rights.

“In my view, it is incumbent upon the Governor to make some manner of allowance for our citizens to continue to exercise this constitutional right,” Wecht said, arguing gun stores could be permitted to operate on a limited basis. “Such an accommodation may be effectuated while preserving sensible restrictions designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, but nonetheless provide a legal avenue for the purchase and sale of firearms, thus avoiding an impermissible intrusion upon a fundamental constitutional right.”

Don’t forget that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was also responsible for gerrymandering congressional districts to make them more favorable for Democrats a couple of years ago.

Adam Kraut, a lawyer who represented the plaintiffs in the case told the Washington Free Beacon, “I am disappointed the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declined an opportunity to protect the fundamental rights of all Pennsylvanians during this time of uncertainty, when many are deciding that the ability to defends one’s home and family is more necessary than ever. The Governor’s Order amounts to an absolute and indefinite prohibition on the acquisition of firearms by citizens of the Commonwealth. Such a prohibition cannot withstand constitutional scrutiny and directly infringes upon the core of the Second Amendment.”

Good luck winning Pennsylvania in 2020 Democrats, there are a lot of gun owners in that state and you just ticked them all off.

Washington Free Beacon