Pennsylvania’s Governor Humiliated Hours After Calling BLM Protests Peaceful, Philly Falls Into ANARCHY

Just hours after the state of Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf said the protest in the city of Philadelphia were “peaceful” chaos ensued.

Wolf said that the riots in Philadelphia that injured a now confirmed 30 police officers were “peaceful protests.”

Two riots broke out, one in the area where the police shooting took place and the looting occurred in South Philadelphia. No doubt they were staged at the same time to weaken the response of police to either area.

What happened a few hours after the governor’s statements was total anarchy, there wasn’t an officer to be seen in South Philadelphia where the looting took place.

In the area of the “protests” two Jewish men were kicked out because of their religion, they were there to support the protestors.

In the area where Antifa was holding a protest, independent journalists were attacked and police were forced to retreat.

No officers were hurt and it almost seemed they were pulling back on purpose.

CBS News is reporting that President Trump has offered federal resources to help quell the chaos, the city has not responded. What’s strange is that only the governor has made any official statements. The far-left mayor and district attorney have been silent.