Watch: Pew Research Study Explains A Lot

A Pew Research study has shown that liberals are crazier then conservatives.

The left loves to tell us to follow the science so that’s what we are going to do.

From Evie Magazine:

The study, which examined white liberals, moderates, and conservatives, both male and female, found that conservatives were far less likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues than those who identified as either liberal or even “very liberal.” What’s more, white women suffered the worst of all. White women, ages 18-29, who identified as liberal were given a mental health diagnosis from medical professionals at a rate of 56.3%, as compared to 28.4% in moderates and 27.3% in conservatives.
Zach Goldberg, the doctoral candidate in question, consolidated the study’s info in a set of visuals and posted them to a thread on Twitter. But it’s important to note that he clarified the following: “I didn’t write this thread to mock white liberals or their apparently disproportionate rates of mental illness (and you shouldn’t either). Rather, this is a question that’s under explored and which may shed light on attitudinal differences towards various social policies.”

Here is the video to back it up, apparently this is perfectly normal behavior…

The person (because really who knows at this point) below whines he shouldn’t have to explain why it’s unethical for unvaccinated nurses to be able to work. He’s right, he should explain why the heck his hair looks like that and why he is ranting in the shower with the phone; who does that?

Without comment…

Wrap your head around this one…