Phone Networks Caught Censoring Links & Blocking Text Message About Voter Fraud (VIDEO)

A woman posted a video on social media trying to send a text message that contained a news story about alleged voter fraud. The message was being sent from an android phone to an iPhone.

The video clip shows her sending a plain old text message from an Android phone to the iPhone but, when she tries to send a link about alleged voter fraud from website the iPhone never receives it.

The woman then edited the link and was able to send it to the iPhone.

Here’s where things get crazy…

The woman took the original link and set it from the iPhone to the Android phone and the message wasn’t delivered.

One person commented, “Imagine if the phone company could just end your call because of the content of your conversation! Or if they could remove links because of th….oh…shit.”

We don’t know what service provider the woman was using or if both phones were using the same service provider. However, Tim Cook at Apple has continually said they will not play the censorship games like Facebook, he even took a swipe at Mark Zuckerburg a few years ago. Google, on the other hand, is playing hardball suppressing conservative news sites in search content and they run the Android network.

If I had to guess Google is suppressing content on their Android phones.

Google is doing is taking censorship to a whole new level.

Since Election Day Big Tech has been on a spree censoring the President, 34% of all of his posts on Twitter have been censored in some fashion.

Zero Hedge