Pics From Trump Rally Debunk Fox News Chris Wallace Claims After He Harassed Trump Campaign Spokeswoman

Fox New’s Chris Wallace attacked Mercedes Schlapp claiming she was lying that the main gate at the Trump rally was blocked by protestors. Wallace was going with the media narrative that there were no protestors people simply don’t like President Trump anymore.

Campaign Manager for the Trump Campaign posted an image taken at the main gate and he is exactly right, families with children are not going to push through that mess.

This is what Trump supporters had to deal with if they wanted to get into the rally. Note the poor women at the 29-second mark crying when all she did was want to see the President of the United States; people are not going to put their kids through that.

So people could hear the President of The United States speak the National Guard had to be brought in.

When people tried to leave the rally, Tulsa police didn’t create a barrier between the groups it was chaos.

the modern-day Democratic Party…

It looks like if anybody is going to spread the coronavirus it’s these activists assaulting a street preacher.