DNC Strategists Freak Out Over Biden Admin Incompetence, ‘They Don’t Know What The F*** They…

The chickens are coming home to roost for the Biden administration.

Reality is beginning to set at the DNC that the Biden administration is sinking any chance of hopes to salvage the midterm elections could be gone.

One Democrat pollster told Politico that Joe Biden’s presidency has turned into chaos.

“There’s no good news here. This is all on his watch,” said Maslin, who worked Jimmy Carter and Howard Dean. “You can argue what he’s doing or not doing, but it’s almost irrelevant. If things are chaotic and wrong, it ain’t going to help him.”

Another Democrat operative lamented that Biden has made the world chaotic instead of being a return to “normalcy.”

“When Biden was elected, it was supposed to be, ‘Oh, the adults are back in the room to take charge,’” the strategist said. “It turns out, we can’t do anything. Any Democratic strategist who thinks this is not going to impact the midterms or impact Biden being reelected, clearly they don’t know what the f— they’re talking about.”

During a meeting of the Democratic Governors Association in Aspen, Colorado party donors and operatives privately complained about the damage from Afghanistan and Biden’s failing policies.

“He sold himself on competence,” Maslin said. “I think in six months, people are not going to be attacking the policy [of withdrawal]. … But the fact that it jumped him so fast, the fact that he said it will never be like Vietnam, you’ll never see the helicopters, and it all happened, and it all happened in two weeks, I think that obviously raises questions about the very thing that he’s supposed to be best at.”

Joe Biden is eating his own words, he’s the one that said he was going to “shutdown the virus.”

Biden’s latest approval ratings show he’s under 40% and has lost the Hispanic vote.