Poor Barry: Obama Is Furious, Whines The GOP Is Raising Too Much Money

Former President Barak Obama is furious and is whining about how successful the Republican Party has been despite the fact there is an international pandemic.

Obama said, “The other side has a massive war chest. The other side has a propaganda network with little regard for the truth.”

Barry’s right about one thing, the GOP is out-fundraising Democrats. During the first quarter, the Trump reelection campaign raised $212 million with March being their second-best month ever.

One would think that the lack of fundraising would be a red flag to Democrats to move to the center, however, that is not the case.

The Republican National Committee also announced that despite rampant unemployment because of the pandemic small-dollar donations have not “dropped at all.”

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has also reported that she has not been asking for donations either. The Washington Examiner reported:

McDaniel has been working the phones aggressively to touch base with the RNC’s major donors and ask them how the coronavirus has affected their businesses and families. She and her finance team have not been asking for contributions, deciding it was inappropriate to make direct, personal requests during a national crisis. But with Trump sustaining withering attacks from Democrats, McDaniel said she is nearing the point at which they will begin making fundraising calls.

“We’re getting very close,” she said. “To be honest, as I’ve been making check-in calls this week, and I’ve been on the phone every day doing this, people are saying, ‘I want to support the president,’ without me even asking. So, that’s continuing to happen more and more and more, which makes me think we’re getting ready to start saying, ‘we’ve got to pivot to the campaign.’”

McDaniel has also said that the Republican Party is committed to having the Republican convention to renominate Trump in late August in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bongino Report | Washington Examiner