Portland Is A War Zone: Mayor Attacks US Marshals Defending Fed Courthouse After Rioter Learns The Hard Way Not To Mess With Federal Agents

The city of Portland is a total war zone since the George Floyd protests started.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, has been documenting the violence in the city that the mainstream media isn’t reporting here is just an example of what’s going on in Portland.


Feel free to browse Andy Ngo’s twitter account he’s one of the few experts on Antifa in the Portland area.

On Saturday night, protesters who have been attempting to burn down and vandalize the federal courthouse gathering again, federal agents were inside protecting the building. To disperse the crowd federal agents used tear gas, when one of the protestors, Donovan LaBella, reached down to throw a tear gas canister back at federal agents when he was hit in the face with a rubber bullet. When the canister is fired at the protestors, you’ll hear someone say hey “hey! kick that, s**t” and the man now identified as LaBella kicks it back. He then reaps the consequences of his actions.

Mayor Ted Wheeler was outraged over the incident and said:

“I spoke with US Attorney Bill Williams about the injuries and learned that the U.S. Marshals Service will be conducting a full investigation,” Mayor Wheeler said on Sunday. “I am calling on the federal government to be thorough and transparent with their findings. I’m concerned that the actions of federal officers last night escalated, rather than de-escalated, already heightened tensions in our city.”

Mayor Wheeler is blaming the US Marshals for repelling an attempt by Antifa to gain entry into the courthouse. Antifa showed up with shields and threw projectiles at federal authorities.

Politicians are blaming President Trump for defending the courthouse. Governor Kate Brown said, “The events of last night at the federal courthouse were the tragic and avoidable result of President Donald Trump, for weeks, continuing to push for force and violence in response to protests. The cycle of violence must end. President Trump deploying armed federal officers to Portland only serves to escalate tensions and, as we saw yesterday, will inevitably lead to unnecessary violence and confrontation.”

Kate Brown doesn’t care about the elderly man suckered punched riding his bicycle in the video above, she only cares that Antifa members are safe.

This was Antifa taunting federal officers…

Portland’s Mayor is now asking federal agents to follow the same restrictions he placed on the police.

Tim Pool said it best: