Pres Trump Got Them Again: The Media Looks Pathetic & Now They Are Quickly Trying To Rewrite History

One thing we constantly hear from the mainstream media every day is that President Trump is a liar.

Perhaps the most hilarious attempt to rewrite history is coming from the “fact-checking” website, PolitiFact that has claimed COVID Deniers are responsible for the “life of the year.”

Not one Democrat politician that downplayed the virus in February and March was mentioned in the piece. Also, PolitiFact claims that vaccine disinformation started early and attacked conservatives for creating “conspiracy theories” around the vaccine. The “fact-checking” website never once mentioned the disinformation about the vaccine pushed by the media and Dr. Fauci.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Earlier this week the New York Times wrote a piece titled, “First Coronavirus Vaccines Bring Americans Hope In Small Doses.” Yes, the vaccine that the media said was impossible, and health experts like Joe Biden coronavirus task force member, Dr. Osterholm said was “happy talk.”

The mainstream media howled it was impossible.

A NBC News “fact check” claimed a coronavirus vaccine this year would be a “miracle.” The news network wrote that “it would take a medical miracle for one[vaccine] to be available this year, much less before Election Day.”

NPR probably has the most embarrassing fact check, on October 22, 2020, they wrote President Trump “lacks evidence” when he said the vaccine would be ready “within weeks.” As we all know, Pzisfer’s announcement came a week after the election.

MSNBC reporter, Yamiche also “fact-checked” the President noting experts say that it is impossible to have a coronavirus by the end of the year.

We can’t forget ABC and the MSNBC News desk either…

The “how it started, how it’s going” is really popular on the internet now and the post below is a perfect example.

Speaking of Fauci, the man that told us a vaccine by the end of the year was impossible and used it to undermine Trump, now he is out there pushing the vaccine.