President Trump Gives Fearless Response After Dems And The Media Spend Day Wreaking Havoc

On Monday as the stock market plummeted, the media was in full panic mode, and the Democrats were spreading havoc, the President gave a fearless response and not just in words but actions.

Throughout the day on Monday, the President was fearless in combating the havoc the media and democrats were spreading.

First, he thanked the Vice President for all the work that he and the Coronavirus Task Force have done and touted the administration’s efforts in late January before the Democrats weaponized the virus against him.

He then slammed the media…

President Trump also explained why the stock market was plummeting and it forced the drive-by media to change their narrative. The PResident explained that Saudi Arabia and Russia are fighting over the price and flow of oil and that is going to be really good for the consumer.

Perhaps what was most fearless was not what the President said but, what he did. The President confidently shook the hand of supporters in Flordia as he landed in Orlando for a fundraiser.

“The bottom line is, I shake anybody’s hand now. I’m proud of it,” he said during a town hall meeting last week. “They’re people that I love. They’re people that I want to take care of.”

That’s my President!