Paul Ryan Gives Rare Interview

Recent reports indicate that former House Speaker Paul Ryan has no intention of voting for President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Despite being a Republican himself, Ryan has made it clear that he will not be supporting his party’s candidate in November.

According to Ryan, his decision to not support Trump is largely based on the president’s lack of character. “I value character in a leader, and Trump does not possess the necessary qualities for the job,” Ryan stated. He went on to say that the presidency requires a certain level of integrity and moral fortitude, which he believes Trump lacks.

Ryan’s stance has raised concerns among other members of the Republican Party, who have been struggling to unite behind Trump’s candidacy fully. Only a small fraction of former Cabinet members have endorsed the president, prompting him to address the issue in a recent interview with Time Magazine. “I had some bad people. When they think they are not in favor and they’re not coming back, they’re not inclined to endorse,” Trump explained.

Despite his differences with Trump, Ryan did acknowledge that he supports the president’s tax policies. However, he also expressed concern over the spending plans proposed by both candidates, saying they are “demagoguing” lawmakers with their unrealistic solutions. He also criticized Trump’s plans to impose 10% tariffs on all global exports and a 60% tariff on Chinese goods, saying it would hurt American consumers and make businesses less competitive.

In addition to his concerns about Trump’s policies, Ryan also took issue with Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s plan to sunset Trump’s $1.7 trillion tax cut. He believes this would lead to a massive tax increase on medium and small-sized businesses, hurting the economy in the process.

Despite not supporting either candidate, Ryan made it clear that he would still be casting a ballot in the election. “I wrote in a Republican the last time. I’m gonna write in a Republican this time,” he declared.

With the election just six months away, the race between Trump and Biden remains tight. Recent polls show the candidates tied at 37%-37%. However, Ryan’s public opposition to Trump raises questions about the future unity of the Republican Party and the potential impact it could have on the election.