Texas Dems Plot Stunt To Block Voter Integrity Law But Could Face Arrest

In an effort to stop Texas from passing a voter integrity bill Democrats are once again making a break for it. 

About 58 Democratic state lawmakers from the Texas House of Representatives left Austin on two private jets chartered to Washington DC. 

House Democrats had already stage one walkout preventing the election bill from being passed. As the session ended and with no Democrat in site it forced Republican to adjourn without passing the legislation. Texas law requires two thirds of the chamber to be present to conduct business. However, Abbott kept his promise and called a special session which began on July 8. 

As soon as the session began lawmakers advanced House bill 3 and Senate Bill 1 both voter integrity bills. Republicans didn’t waive procedures held hearings and featured testimony from members of the public and floor votes are expected this week. 

Democrats aren’t even close from being able to block the bills and are getting ready to flee however it could cost them. 

Under the state’s constitution a special session can last up to 30 days and absent lawmakers can be legally compelled to return to the Capitol. It seems Democrats who are disregarding the will of the people want to force a confrontation. 

From NBC News: 

Democrats expect state Republicans to ask the Department of Public Safety to track them down.

It seems Democrats are willing to tear this country apart instead of submitting to the will of the people. 

Democrats attempted a similar stunt in 2003 when 50 liberal lawmakers fled to New Mexico before a couple of Democrats cam back so quorum could be reinstated. 

What would be nice to know is who is paying for these private jets? 

On top of that Press Secretary Jen Psaki started gaslighting the American people.

NBC News