Pro Vaccine Progressive Doctor Sounds The Alarm About Giving Vaccine To Teenagers

Dr. Ninay Prasad is a progressive, pro vaccine advocate. Prasad believed in the lockdowns however he is “stunned” over the “many smart people” who are “so eager to embrace” giving children ages 12 to 15 the coronavirus vaccines.

Prasad gives several reasons why he concerned about teenagers getting the vaccine.

His first issue is that 12 to 15 year olds are not at risk from dying from the coronavirus and that those doses shouldn’t be used in the USA but shipped to other places to vaccinate those at most risk.

The progressive doctor also complains that leftists are pushing children to be vaccinated not because it’s good for them but for classic virtue signaling.

Prasad, himself believes that children could be put at great risk because there are a lot of unknowns and cites unlike adults the coronavirus is not an emergency.

Lastly, Dr. Prasad points out that “If we roll this vaccine out to millions of children, and there is a reaction such as we say with this unusual clotting and thrombosis in young women, that is going to impact the whole immunization program.”