White House Press Sec Psaki Slips, Response To Immigration Policy Raises Questions About Who’s In Charge, ‘It’s Not Our Program’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is no Kayleigh McEnany and boy did she slip up when she was responding to a question about Biden’s failed immigration policy.

Before taking office Biden proclaimed that he would end Trump’s border policy encouraging thousand to flock to America. Large caravans began making their way to America and now we have a humanitarian disaster brewing at the border during a pandemic.

During a press conference Psaki was asked, “The number of migrants detained has tripled… Is that accurate?”

“Those numbers are tracked by DHS. I’m just suggesting that you talk to them,” Psaki responded.

“We talked to them… They won’t confirm the numbers,” the reporter replied.

“Ask them again… It’s not our program,” Psaki concluded.

So who’s program is it then? Biden is the President of the United States, right?

The Biden administration won’t admit that they are the sole cause of the crisis at the border.

Psaki tried to blame the surge of migrants on two hurricanes that hit Central America last fall however, however the viral picture a migrant caravan wearing Joe Biden t-shirts blows that theory out of the water. It was Biden who halted the border wall and said he would suspend deportations for 100 days.

As Biden continues to mess up the border remember he’s not doing himself any favors and more hispanics will continue to flock to the GOP thanks to President Trump.