Putin Blames U.S. for War in Ukraine and Threatens More Wars

The global bully is at it again. President Vladimir Putin just announced that the war in Ukraine could very put an end to the international world order being led by the United States.
Putin spoke with lawmakers in Russia and said that the dominance of the United States could be over very soon, this is according to news reported by Newsweek.
“They should have realized that they have already lost from the very beginning of our special military operation,” Putin said. “Its beginning also means the beginning of a radical breakdown of the American world order.”
The Russian president was based on the involvement of the United States in providing support to Ukraine and placing stringent sanctions on Russia.
“This is the beginning of the transition from liberal-globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world.”
Putin said the transition “can no longer be stopped.”
He particularly focused on the “hostile actions of Western countries” like the United States.
“The so-called collective West, led by the United States, has been extremely aggressive towards Russia for decades,” Putin maintained.
These highly charged words by Putin blamed the war on Ukraine squarely on Western countries.
“It was unleashed by this very collective West, organizing and then supporting an unconstitutional armed coup in Ukraine in 2014, and then encouraging and justifying genocide against people in Donbas,” Putin said.
Along with these comments, the Russian president made it known that Russia may only be beginning its new military efforts.
“Everyone should know that, by and large, we haven’t started anything yet in earnest,” he said.


Ironically, Putin also said that he has not rejected more peace talks with Ukraine. But he did say that the longer the war goes, the more difficult it will be for countries to negotiate with Russia.
Putin will take a trip to Iran next week. Most believe that this will be a way for Russia to be supplied with hundreds of weapons to continue this reign of terror.