They Are At It Again: Dems Under Investigation In Out Of State Voter Scheme To Win Georgia Runoff

Liberals are laughing at us, election integrity issues are happening right in front of our face and it seems no one is going to do anything about it.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that four left-wing groups are currently under investigation and one of them is tied to wanna-be Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams.

“Voting in Georgia when you are not a resident of Georgia is a felony,” Raffensperger said Monday. “And encouraging college kids to commit felonies with no regards for what it might mean for them is despicable.”

“These third-party groups have a responsibility to not encourage illegal voting. If they do so, they will be held responsible,” Raffensperger added.

Abrams is tied to the New Georgia Project which is one of the groups that mailed flyers to people out of state encouraging them to register to vote Democrat in the Georgia runoff and how to get an absentee ballot.

Nse Ufot, Executive Director of the New Georgia Project responded:

As Georgians are turning out in record numbers to have their voices heard at the polls, the Secretary of State is resorting to desperate attempts to smear law-abiding organizations and scare eligible Georgians from registering to vote in critical upcoming elections. We will not be deterred.

This attack on our organization comes at a time when people across the country have witnessed the strength of our program and the collective power of a new Georgia electorate that embraces a system of inclusivity and opportunity for all Georgians. The timing is not accidental.

Anyone notice they didn’t deny the claims?

Just last week, Abrams announced that 900,000 Georgians had requested a mail-in ballot for the runoff election. The question is are they actually Georgians?

Conservative pollster and operative Ryan James Girdusky, who is working is helping both GOP candidates in Georgia. It seems he was one of the people that alerted Georgia officials about the flyers.

Georgia is a hot mess.

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