Georgia Secretary Of State Court Filing Blows Up In His Face. Report Designed To Make Allegations Go Way Shows The EXACT Opposite

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is a buffoon. Raffensperger is so incompetent that a court filing he recently published to try and rewrite history actually highlighted the fact there were shenanigans going on in Fulton County on election night.

He’s trying to change history.

Over the weekend, Raffensperger ran to the mainstream media on the Sunday shows claiming “the people have spoken,” Biden won the state.

In a recent court filing, Raffensperger’s office admits that counting did continue in Fulton County late into the night after monitors and the media left.

Also, a pipe did not burst in Fulton county like we were told, it was one urinal. According to the report observers and the media were not asked to leave. “They simply left on their own when they saw one group of workers, whose job was only to open envelopes and who had completed that task, also leave.”

The court filing from the Secretary of State’s office is the exact opposite of what was reported on election night. If you remember, a Fulton County public affairs manager for elections told ABC News at 10:30 pm they were shutting down for the night.

On November 3rd we were told a pipe burst in Georgia and ballot counters were sent home at 10:30 pm. Now a December 6th court filing from Georgia’s Secretary of State wants us to believe, it was only a urinal and nobody was sent home, they just left.

They think we are fools.

Click here to view a copy of the court filing.