Red Wave Is Coming! Could GOP Gain Largest Majority Since Great Depression?

It’s clearer now than ever, the red wave is on the horizon. Republican momentum continues to grow as we head toward the November elections. Even in New York, the polling has Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) in a dead heat with Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul. This should be a huge sign to Democrats that they are in great trouble. 

According to the Fox News Power Ranking, five races in the Democratic Northeast have shifted towards the GOP.

The network is now predicting that the likely scenario in the race for the House is going to be 233 for the GOP and 202 for the Democrats. They also have reported that an “ideal” night for the Republicans could be that they end the election with 249 House seats. 

Fox has shifted the House races in favor of the Republicans in New York and New Jersey.

Fox also reported that the Republicans are up in the generic ballot among people who said they will be “certain to vote.”

The increase for the GOP is happening as the whole party is making gains in national polling. After the first two weeks of October, Fox News Poll showed the GOP taking the lead on the generic ballot among voters who said they were “certain to vote,” and now multiple polls that make the distinction between “certain” and “likely” voters are showing a Republican advantage. 

And this is coming at a time when millions of Americans are voting early, so there’s not even room for a huge late October surprise for many. Experts are indicating that it is difficult to see how the direction of the control of Congress could change in so few days. 

Nate Cohn, a popular pollster, is indicating it could be even bigger than Fox’s prediction. He believes the election could be a “rout,” and the GOP could end up with a 50-seat gain, that would be winning 259 seats. This would be the largest Republican majority since the Great Depression.

That red wave is coming!