Joy Reid Apologizes After Hot Mic Incident

MSNBC host Joy Reid was caught on a hot mic criticizing President Joe Biden for his expected decision to launch strikes in the Middle East. Reid was in the middle of a segment on the border crisis when she paused to run a clip of Biden’s remarks. Thinking her microphone was off, she could be heard saying “starting another fu**ing war.”

This remark comes as Biden is expected to authorize military action in the Middle East in response to an attack on a U.S. outpost that left three service members dead and dozens wounded. Options for strikes include targeting Iranian-backed militias in Syria and Iraq, as well as Iranian naval assets in the Persian Gulf.

The decision is seen as one of the most consequential of Biden’s presidency, with fears of another major war in the Middle East rising. This comes after Biden had previously authorized strikes on Houthi targets in the region.

But what makes this all the more ironic is a resurfaced clip from 2020, in which Biden himself claimed that then-President Donald Trump was leading the nation into a war with Iran. “I said as the walls close in on this man, I’m worried he’s going to get us to war in Iran,” Biden said on the campaign trail. “Unfortunately, I may have been right.”

It seems that Biden’s stance on war has shifted now that he is in the Oval Office. This raises questions about his leadership and consistency on foreign policy matters. It also sheds light on the double standards of the mainstream media, who were quick to criticize Trump for his supposed warmongering but are now relatively silent when it comes to Biden’s actions. Reid’s offhand comment also speaks to a larger issue of biased and unprofessional reporting.

This incident is just the latest in a string of gaffes and missteps by the Biden administration. From the border crisis to the economy to foreign policy, Biden’s first few months in office have been rocky, to say the least. And with his popularity dropping, it’s clear that the American people are not happy with his performance.

One has to wonder what other hot mic moments will reveal from the members of the media who claim to be unbiased and objective in their reporting. This is just a glimpse into the true thoughts and feelings of those who are supposed to report the news, not make it.

But until then, it seems that MSNBC host Joy Reid will continue to let her true feelings slip on camera. And with the way things are going, we may be hearing a lot more hot mic moments in the future.

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