Rep. Adam Schiff Once Again being Shifty…And What About Hillary? – Watch

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had some trouble dealing with a very basic question delivered by Margaret Brennan on this weekend’s “Face the Nation.” The question focused on the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Logo home.

It is a question that anyone should be asking and those in power should have a definite answer. 

Brennan asked if the raid was initiated because of a “national security” risk, why did officials wait 18 months to do it? And even further, why did they wait three days after they got the warrant to do the raid? What exactly was the risk?

Schiff was shifty in his response, or really his lack of response. 

“Uh, I don’t know,” he said. The DOJ doesn’t have a real answer to this question either. 

Shifty Schiff tried a different spin. “If, uh, the Trump people represented that they provided all the classified or national security information and didn’t, that’s a serious problem. And I could tell you anyone in the intelligence community that had, uh, documents like that marked top secret SCI, uh, in their residence after authorities went to them, um, you know, they would be under serious investigation.”

No one is maintaining that Trump’s team had provided all the documents to officials. And it is clear that the government knew that they still had documents in the residence. Remember, officials had visited the residence in June. So, Schiff’s explanation is less than fair. 

Maybe the next question that should be addressed is the hypocrisy within the FBI in relation to how Hillary Clinton was treated for the same issue. 

Hillary Clinton had a whole private server to keep the government from reviewing her communications. And she had many classified documents on it and destroyed 30,000 emails. Clinton’s team all destroyed their blackberries. Trump did not do anything at that level, and he was working with officials, not destroying things. 

Trump is being harassed and Clinton got a pass.