Rep. Kelly Armstrong Won’t Back Down with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota

Rep. Kelly Armstrong, a North Dakota Republican, did not back down against CNN’s Alisyn Camerota. The progressive CNN host tried to downplay concerns about Biden’s classified documents scandal from his time as vice president. 

Biden’s attorneys discover several classified documents while packing up files from an office for President Biden. They notified the National Archives and Records Administration after the finding. Several of the “top secret” documents held materials related to Ukraine, Iran, and the United Kingdom. 

Biden, allegedly unaware of the documents, was notified of the find by the White House counsel’s office. 

This discovery is now a focus of the newly created oversight committee the Republican House established to investigate the “weaponization” of federal agencies like the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ).

“I know that you, in particular, want Congress to investigate the FBI and the DOJ,” Camerota said. “Do you worry that by investigating the FBI it will impact the morale of the agents and the work that they do?” 

“I worry that it’s already happened,” Armstrong said. “These are really serious issues and we need to investigate and deal with it, and we’ve had FBI whistleblowers already come forward, and there’s a real serious problem in leadership, and just changing a regulation isn’t going to solve it.”

Camerota then brought up the classified documents from Biden’s vice presidency and asked what the difference was between the documents found during Biden’s tenure compared to the ones found by former President Donald Trump. 

Camerota soon interjected her own thoughts saying that the two cases were not comparable because Trump’s possession of the documents only became public after “the National Archives spent more than a year trying to get the documents” and “finally had to make a public statement.” 

Armstrong shot back, “there seems to be a pattern of conduct … the closer we get to the election, the less stuff is disclosed on one side.”

That point is hard to argue, even for CNN.