Rep. Omar Calls The National Guard Terrorists After Video Of Activist Refusing To Follow Order Goes Viral

The video was posted by Tanya Kerssen, according to her Twitter bio she is a food sovereignty activist, lives in Minneapolis, and failed to follow the instructions of the curfew imposed in the city.

Kerssen does not appear to be a member of Antifa however, her twitter feed is full of far-left posts and several retweets of the online Antifa streaming channel unicorn.

As Police and the National Guard were ordering people inside their homes they refused to comply and got more than they bargained for.

Rep. Omar who has not called out Antifa for burning her city said what the National Guard is doing is “terror.”

Just a few weeks ago Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter called US soldiers “bitches” and said they were actively children around the world.

During an appearance on ABC News Omar said, “This president has failed in really understanding the kind of pain and anguish many of his citizens are feeling. When you have a president who really is glorifying violence, who’s talking about the kind of vicious dogs and weapons that could be unleashed on citizens, it’s quite appalling and disturbing. We condemn other nations when their presidents make those kinds of statements when there’s unrest in their countries, and we have to condemn our president alt the highest sort of condemnation.”

The people that are endorsing violence is the “Left,” leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer has not condemned the violence.

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