Report Claims Hoffman Pauses On Haley

The race for the Republican nomination is heating up, and for Nikki Haley, things just went from bad to worse. First Haley lost New Hampshire and now billionaire Reid Hoffman is making waves with his decision to stop giving money to Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign. This was confirmed by a person who is familiar with the matter who chose to remain anonymous.

Hoffman is known for co-founding LinkedIn, and he has previously donated $250,000 to a pro-Haley super PAC. For years, Hoffman has been a supporter of the Democratic Party, and it’s not surprising that he would be against Donald Trump. He has been a vocal critic of Trump for years, and donated to Haley’s campaign because he believes she has the best chance of defeating him.

Republican fundraisers are now speaking out about the news that Hoffman is pulling his support from Haley. Some are saying they will continue to support her publicly, but may not be able to raise much money due to her 0-for-2 record so far. This could spell bad news for Haley, as she will need all the support she can get if she plans to take down Trump.

It’s no secret that Haley has had a tough time against the former President. She has lost in both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. This is the second election cycle where Haley has had to compete with Trump, and it looks like she is once again not gaining the traction she needs. It’s also not looking good for Haley’s numbers, as Trump is leading her by a staggering 30 percentage points in South Carolina alone.

The donors who are turning their backs on Haley say it’s because they do not believe she can defeat Trump. Hoffman has been one of the Presidential hopeful’s biggest supporters, and for him to pull his funding is a major blow. Many of Haley’s contributors have realized that the only person who can defeat Trump is Joe Biden. The writing is on the wall, and the news that Hoffman is pulling his support from Haley is just a sign of things to come.

It’s not just Hoffman and a few small donors who are turning their backs on Haley. A Republican fundraiser told CNBC that three of his clients are also backing out after having contributed $100,000 each to Haley’s campaign. This is a clear sign that Haley needs to start thinking about ending her campaign. It’s not hard to see that she is struggling to gain the support she needs to challenge Trump.

It also seems that Hoffman was somewhat of an outlier within the Republican party. He said in December that he supports Joe Biden, but he would support Haley in the Republican primary because he wants to see someone who has a chance of defeating Trump.

The news of Hoffman’s decision adds to the mountain of evidence that Haley is faltering in her bid to challenge Trump. It seems that the former President will, once again, be the Republican nominee, and it’s becoming increasing unlikely that he will be defeated. While some like Hoffman may have wanted Haley to be the victor, that now seems like an unattainable dream. The Republican party is rallying behind Trump, and it’s clear that anyone who tries to take him on will not stand a chance.

If Haley is getting pushed aside with treatment to keep some other nominee out of the picture then billions of dollars and millions of slick ads make it pretty clear anointing Haley as the candidate Trump will certainly win in 2024.