Report: Kamala Harris Is Now Doing Joe’s Work Making Calls To Heads Of State On His Behalf

Questions are already starting to be raised about Joe Biden’s ability to do his job after it was discovered that Vice President Kamala Harris has begun taking phone calls on his behalf. 

A readout published by the White House was released titled, “Readout of Vice President Kamala Harris Call with President Emmanuel Macron of France.”

It stated:

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke today with President Emmanuel Macron of France, and expressed her commitment to strengthening bilateral ties between the United States and France and to revitalizing the transatlantic alliance. Vice President Harris and President Macron agreed on the need for close bilateral and multilateral cooperation to address COVID-19, climate change, and support democracy at home and around the world. They also discussed numerous regional challenges, including those in the Middle East and Africa, and the need to confront them together. The Vice President thanked President Macron for his leadership on the issue of gender equality and for France’s contribution to NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover.

Harris has also spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Biden is the first president to take office to not call Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. 

It is very odd President Joe Biden is not making these calls himself, it is customary for the new President to do these calls himself. 

The readout is making others wonder what other work Harris is doing instead of Biden. 

During the campaign Biden called Kamala, President Harris on a couple of occasions and called himself a “transition candidate.” 


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