Report Claims There’s Some Contention In WH

A new report is out from Axios and it’s a doozy.

According to the report, there is a lot of tension boiling over inside the White House, and now First Lady Jill Biden is getting involved.

There’s just one problem, Joe isn’t listening.

Remember the media is going to spin this so here’s what Axios reported:

President Biden’s reluctance to acknowledge his physical limitations at age 81 is causing some tension on his team, as senior aides and First Lady Jill Biden push him to rest more and be vigilant about his health going into 2024.
Why it matters: Current and former aides say Biden is extraordinarily energetic for his age. But his repeated insistence that he feels so young can draw eye rolls: Some current and former aides believe Biden doesn’t realize how old he can come across.

In conversations with aides and friends, Biden frequently says some version of: “I feel so much younger than my age.”
Managing Biden’s schedule and energy has become crucial to his re-election campaign, given widespread voter concerns about his ability to do the job until January 2029, when he’ll be 86.

If we could, for a moment, just hit the human element of this. Many of us have been through this with our aging parents. It’s just that they weren’t the Presidents of the United States.

Axios claims that Biden pushes to do more travel and events than they believe that he should.

A former aide said Biden “is his own worst enemy when it comes to his schedule.”

Adding, that Jill is trying to get Biden to rest and change his diet.

The problem isn’t that Biden gets tired, we all get tired, it’s that he can’t read a teleprompter without showing he is struggling.