Reporter Strikes A Nerve: Pelosi RAGES When Her Weekly Press Conference Doesn’t End Well

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press conference and it didn’t end well.

It’s fascinating to watch Biden and Pelosi claim that the economy is “improving” when it cost at least $95 to fill up a gas tank. But like a good Democrat, she stuck with Joe’s talking points and claimed that suffering Americans will have to wait another week for her to address inflation.


As Pelosi was leaving a reporter asked “how could she say the Justices were protected when there was an attack on Justice Kavanaugh’s life.”

That one struck a nerve.

Pelosi turned and started yelling, “they’re protected, they’re protected.” over and over again.

The reporter pressed Pelosi and she kept ranting that “nobody” is in danger.

It struck a nerve because it was a radical leftist that is accused of attempting to assassinate Kavanaugh and got his home address from left-wing activists.

What’s really sad is that the alleged gunman who is only 26 years old said he concocted the scheme because he was “thinking how to give his life a purpose.”

Meanwhile, on the day of the attack here’s what Biden had to say…