Reporter That Busted The Clinton’s Found Dead

A reporter that had dirt on the Clintons and possibly contributed to Hillary losing the 2016 election has been found dead. 

Christopher Sign, 45, was found dead by Hoover police outside of Birmingham, Alabama the death is being investigated as a suicide. 

“He worked with our reporting staff on a daily basis, but also worked behind the scenes with the I-Team and with news managers on coverage of major events. You were very likely to get an email from him with a story idea in the middle of the night. He was passionate about journalism and showed it each and every day as he pushed himself and his colleagues to be the best,” ABC 33/40 wrote on their Saturday tribute to Sign. 

Sign infamously was the man who uncovered the secret meeting between former president Bill Clinton and then-attorney general Loretta Lynch who was investigating Hillary Clinton. A few days after the meeting then-FBI director James Come wrote in a letter to Congress the FBI would not pursue criminal charges. The letter was sent to Congress in October and Comey scolded Clinton for being careless, a couple of weeks later Hillary lost to Donald Trump. 

On Saturday morning police received a call “of a person down at a residence on Scout Trace.” When police arrived they found the 45 year old journalist dead. 

Sign was an accomplished journalists, he won an Emmy Award for his coverage of the shooting of two Phoenix police officers, an Edward R. Murrow Award for spot news, and has been honored for his coverage of the “Baseline Killer” a serial shooter that terrorized Phoenix during the summer of 2016. 

Sign once told Fox News that after he broke about Clinton his family was harassed and attacked. In 2016, Sign said his family received constant death threats and his credit cards were hacked.