Republican Rep. Lance Gooden Wants Vistor’s Log from Biden’s Home – Watch

After classified documents were found in President Biden’s Delaware home, a GOP representative has issued a letter to Biden and the Secret Service demanding the release of visitor logs from the home. 

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) sent the letter that said, “Given the vast amount of time President Biden spends at his Delaware property and the significant allegations of unethical behavior and influence peddling against members of his immediate family, the American people deserve to know who is influencing this Administration,” Gooden wrote. “The Biden Administration has continuously promised to bring transparency and truth back to the government, yet your failure to disclose this information sends the opposite message. I urge you to make good on this promise and release these visitor logs to the public.”

The Texas representative noted that the White House Visitor Log Policy allows Americans to see “who is lobbying your Administration,” adding, “Roughly two hundred days of your presidency have been spent at your home in Wilmington, Delaware. The public deserves assurance that your Administration is listening to the concerns of the American people and not acting in the best interest of lobbyists, friends, or donors.”

“The discovery of classified documents at your private residence violates your commitment to ‘restore integrity, transparency, and trust in government,’” Gooden declared. “Unfortunately, your Administration has previously made it apparent that no records of visitors to your Delaware residence exist. Last October, the Secret Service claimed that ‘the agency conducted an additional search of relevant program offices for potentially responsive records’ but found nothing.”

“The discovery of classified documents proves this failure to identify visitors to your Delaware residence is another attempt to mislead the American people and potentially conceal meetings with special interest groups or foreign nationals,” he charged.

“Your decision to keep classified documents at your Delaware residence may also be regarded as a national security risk,” Gooden opined. “Storing classified documents in your garage and the Secret Service’s inability to confirm the existence of visitor logs is a potential national security breach of any information within these discovered documents.”

“I urge you to uphold your commitment to a transparent visitor log policy to address your decision to regularly provide exclusive access to certain members of the public outside of the White House where you keep classified documents. I request the courtesy of any answer to these questions no later than January 23, 2023,” Godden concluded.