Republican Senator John Kennedy Takes the Biden Family to the Mat – You’ve Got to See This

Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana on Sunday criticized the Biden family for their privilege, saying that it was like being lectured about gun safety by Alec Baldwin.

Kennedy argued that the case surrounding President Biden’s embattled son Hunter Biden was primarily rooted in the intersection of “privilege and sleaze,” and went on to lay out how he believed Hunter was the prime example of “privilege.” He made these comments while appearing on Fox News’ Hannity prime time program.

“Huntergate is about two things: privilege and sleaze,” Kennedy began. “First, the privilege. President Biden and many members of the media lecture us incessantly about the injustice of privilege, especially so-called ‘white privilege.’ But to me, that’s like being lectured about gun safety by Alec Baldwin.”

Kennedy also pointed out that while the president and other members of his party routinely lecture Americans about privilege, “they never mention Hunter Biden, who is the epitome of privilege.”

“How did Hunter Biden earn those millions of dollars?” Kennedy asked then, referencing money the younger Biden had raked in through foreign business deals and time spent on the board of Burisma Holding.

“How smart is it to try to deduct your hookers on your federal income tax?” he asked. “The next time we are lectured about privilege, I want people to remember that.”

“If you believe that, you will never own your own home,” Kennedy said. “At a minimum. At a minimum, the evidence brought forth by the House and by Senator Grassley, by the way, in the Senate, is clarion clear that President Biden was well aware of what his son was doing, and he aggressively enabled it.”

Kennedy’s comments are likely to be echoed by other right-wing media outlets, which often focus on the perceived privilege of the Biden family. They are also likely to be used to attack the Biden administration’s policies on a range of issues, including gun control and climate change.