Republican Senator Torches Pelosi With A Final Ultimatum Over Impeachment Articles

Republican Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), who is a lawyer, made a fantastic point and put Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on notice.

Hawley said that the Democrats claimed that impeachment was urgent and if they do not send the impeachment articles to the Senate on January 5th he will introduce a motion to dismiss impeachment. Hawley’s reasoning is that in real court if the prosecution doesn’t have evidence the case is dismissed. Hawley tweeted:

Hawley is a new Senator from Missouri and in 2018 he took down two-term Democrat Claire McCaskill, before coming to the Senate Hawley was the Attorney General of Missouri.

Hawley has a great point, we are going on almost three weeks and Pelosi has yet to send the articles to the Senate. If impeachment is so important than what is the hold-up?

Even Democrat House impeachment witness Jonathan Turley is feud up with Pelosi and House Democrats. On Saturday, Turley wrote an op-ed piece for Turley is furious with House democrats over how they handled the impeachment process. Turley wrote that a fast impeachment process doesn’t get you a “historic prize. It simply earns you historic failure.” Turley is furious that the House did not seek more witnesses and admits that the Senate is no way obligated to call any witness during the trial.

Turley even called out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer when in 1999 he fought against any witnesses being called in the Senate impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton.

One of my favorite lines written by Turkey compares the Democrats to “pushing for a murder trial before an autopsy is done because everyone has holiday plans.”

In his last paragraph, Turley slammed Democrats for being more worried about Christmas than putting together a solid case against the President.

Ok now for some common sense, Turley there was no crime committed, that’s why Pelosi didn’t really bother. As much as I enjoy reading you slam the Democrats there was no crime, read the damn transcript.

The Hill