Republicans Fight Back! Georgia GOP BANS Coca-Cola & Texas Governor Announces Boycott

State Republican law makers are fed up and fighting back!

The Georgia Republican Party is banning Coca-Cola from all state legislative offices after over the soda giants criticism about the states new voter integrity law.

The Georgia State House of Representatives wrote a letter directly to Coke’s Woke leadership:

Given Coke’s choice to cave to the pressure of an out of control cancel culture, we respectfully request all Coca-Cola Company products be removed from our office suite immediately.

Should Coke choose to read the bill, share its true intentions and accept their role in the dissemination of mistruths, we would welcome a conversation to rebuild a working relationship.

We have the responsibility to all of Georgia to not engage in those misguided intentions nor continue to support corporations who choose to. Given Coke’s choice to cave to the pressure of an out-of-control cancel culture, we respectfully request all Coca-Cola Company products be removed from our office suite immediately.

Texas is also joining the battle against woke corporations targeting conservatives, Governor Greg Abbott is boycotting Major League Baseball.

“Major League Baseball adopted what has turned out to be a false narrative about the election law reforms in Georgia, and, based on that false narrative, moved the MLB All-Star game from Atlanta,” Abbott said in a statement.

“It is shameful that America’s pastime is not only being influenced by partisan political politics but also perpetuating false political narratives.” Adding, “This decision does not diminish the deep respect I have for the Texas Rangers baseball organization, which is outstanding from top to bottom.”

Abbott has declared that he will not support or participate in any MLB event and the State of Texas will not host any MLB sponsored event.

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