Republicans In Pennsylvania State Legislature Turn Their Back On President Trump

Pennsylvania Republicans have turned their back on President Trump and decided that they won’t give President Trump any backup.

Both Republican leaders in the majority of the PA House released a statement that they would not be calling their chamber to Harrisburg on Monday and that Legislator will not meet until next year. This means Republicans in Pennsylvania have nixed a resolution supporting the President’s bid to have the Pennsylvania election results audited. News of the surrender also indicates that Republican Sean Parnell’s race will most likely be lost as well handing a seat to Nancy Pelosi.

“We are physically unable to consider any new legislation before the end of session,” both House Speaker Bryan Cutler and Majority leader Kerry Benninghoff wrote in the statement. “A simple resolution takes three legislative days for consideration and a concurrent resolution takes five legislative days to move through both chambers, which means we do not have the time needed to address any new resolutions in our current session.”

The Washington Examiner reports:

Article III, Section 4 of the state constitution requires that bills be considered on three different days by each chamber. A simple resolution originates from a single chamber, while a concurrent resolution must move through both.

After Monday, there can be no further meetings of the Legislature this year. Article II, Section 4, decrees that the 2021-22 session of the Legislature will begin on the first Tuesday of January, which will be Jan. 5, 2021.

Given that the House won’t meet before the Electoral College gathers to pick the next president Dec. 14, President Donald Trump’s hopes that state lawmakers in Pennsylvania would step in and choose electors appear to be dashed.

It appears that powerful forces inside the Republican Party are quietly forcing other Republicans to turn their back on the President.

As usual Republicans don’t have the stomach to fight that needs to be fought and are abandoning their constituents as well.