Retired U.S. Admiral Predicts Fate of Wagner Boss – Watch

Retired U.S. Admiral James Stavridis has made a prediction on what is going to happen to Yevgeny Prigozhin, the boss of the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary organization.

Stavridis made the remarks during an interview with NBC News’ “Meet The Press” when asked about the state of Russia’s military leadership in wake of the rebellion.

He talked about the “chaos” that Russia has had to deal with over the last 16 months since President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

“You’ve seen terrible logistics, bad intelligence, bad leadership on battlefield, casual use of cell phones,” he said. “In fact, these events of the last couple days will have unearthed a treasure trove of intelligence for the United States military.”

“In terms of Prigozhin … the Games of Thrones philosophy applies here,” he continued. “If you go for the king, you better kill the king. Prigozhin didn’t do that. He now is going to be isolated from the 35,000 fighters that have protected him. He’s like a snake whose head has been cut off from its body. I don’t think he’ll last 60, 90 days, frankly, because Putin at his dark heart is a never forgive, never forget kind of person.”

Stavridis said that Putin will do “everything he can to wreak vengeance on Prigozhin.”

Stavridis said that he believes that the attempted rebellion would impact Russia’s ability to fight in Ukraine.

“There’s the moral function of this, the internal,” he said. “Picture yourself as a Russian conscript watching all this unfold. And they are doing so on the internet. They have access.”

“Number two, the material that has gone into the backing-and-forthing here is going to be denied,” he continued. “Number three, leadership changes, potentially. As Mike McFaul said, watch what happens to Shoigu. Does he stay in power? Is he part of the deal? I don’t know the answer. No one does.”