Rhino Senator Makes Announcement That Proves The Establishment Is Plotting To Dump Trump Even If He Wins In November

The “Establishment” runs deep and it looks like they are making the same play in the Senate that Paul Ryan did in the House.

 Rhino Republicans Senator Pat Toomey (PA) announced that he is going to retire at the end of his 2022 term. Toomey was also the last Republican senator to announce he would support the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

This means that during the 2022 mid-terms both Senate seats will be up for grabs.

“I would like to thank Senator Pat Toomey for his many years of distinguished service to the people of Pennsylvania,” Lawrence Tabas, the chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican Party said in a statement. “Unlike so many elected officials before him, Senator Toomey changed Washington D.C., not the other way around.”

Toomey also announced that he is going to retire from politics and will not run for governor in Pennsylvania.

Toomey did pledge his support for President Trump and hopes the Republicans maintain control of the Senate.

The Republican senator claims the reason why he is leaving is personal and that he has always supported term limits.

“Eighteen years is a long time,” Toomey said. “And I’ve spent little time as I can in Washingon … but it still ends up being a lot of time … away from home. And I’m looking forward to more time back at home.”

What Toomey is doing sure looks like what Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment pulled while he was Speaker of the House. Having ranking Republicans in swing districts resign which in 2018 gave Democrats control of the House.

Toomey’s announcement sure seems like it could be an admittance from the Washington Establishment that Trump is going to win but the Democrats will keep the House and the Republicans keep the Senate. With Toomey retiring it puts the Senate back in play in 2022 and should the Democrat’s get control of the Senate while keeping the House, President Trump will be impeached.

Fox News