Rich Democrat Comes Out of Shadows in Trump Case – Watch

The lawsuits against former President Donald Trump just keep piling up, and now a woman from the past who had been in the shadows has come into the light.

E. Jean Carroll is suing the former president, claiming that he attacked her during the 1990s.

Carroll came onto the scene during the last couple of years of the Trump administration. She stated at one point that she should have asked for his tax returns after he raped her in the dressing room of a department store.

But she refused to allow DNA testing on the dress that she claims to have been wearing during the so-called “attack.” And she once called rape “sexy” during an interview on CNN.

So her credibility, to say the least, is somewhat flimsy.

According to Yahoo News, Carroll isn’t going after Trump alone. She’s being funded by a billionaire Democrat mega-donor named Reid Hoffman. Hoffman is the founder of the social media network LinkedIn.

Hoffman has been quietly bankrolling Carroll’s rape case against Trump, according to actual court records filed on Thursday.

This new connection between Carroll and Hoffman came to light in some intense correspondence between lawyers in their battle to delay the trial that is scheduled to start in two weeks.

The fact that Hoffman’s money has been kept a secret until now should support Trump’s team’s complaints about conspiracy and the very rich left being behind the investigations.

It is as plain as daylight now that rich Democrats are working together to dismantle any hope for Trump’s reelection in 2024.

Hoffman has some skeletons politically of his own, in 2018 it was discovered that he was funding a bot farm that pushed disinformation about an Alabama senate candidate. And he was very close to Jeffrey Epstein.

So there seems to be plenty of ground for Trump’s lawyers to call foul.